You have the space, now you need to style it.

If you're ready to elevate the look and feel of your space but don't want or need a total overhaul of your home, not to mention the commitment and disruption of contractors in and out of your house for months, then this is the service designed for you.

In-depth, full service interior styling where most of the work is done (with pleasure) for you. Joydom Design offers an All-Inclusive Edit & Style Service that takes your space from 'it's fine' to 'I never want to leave' — from inspired ideas to the final touches, all of it can be left in my trustworthy and creative hands.

All-Inclusive Edit & Style Service includes:

  • Initial email correspondence to make a firm decision on what your end goal is based on your questionnaire
  • Meet for one-two [1-2] hours in your space to discuss the features and details of your project
  • Within an agreed upon timeline based on the scope of the project, I will send you a highly customized Edit & Styling Guide that will include:
    • Key Points for implementing style strategies in each Area of Focus you wish to edit and style
    • Sample photos to illustrate design options for each Area of Focus you wish to edit based on our consultation
    • Personalized comments, suggestions and ideas for each photo
    • Colour Palette options for your space
    • A custom Product & Sourcing Guide with direct links for purchase
    • Two options of Mood Boards with specific styling suggestions based on your floor plan and style goals
    • A Furniture Layout Plan
  • I will do all your shopping for you to hunt, gather and dig for the absolute perfect pieces and accessories
  • Complete the final install to edit and style your space to perfection
  • A scheduled 30-minute follow up phone call two [2] weeks after your final install to answer any questions you may have to ensure you are totally satisfied and in love with your freshly styled space

Every step of the way your project goals are carefully considered to ensure a total custom experience. Please be deliberate and thoughtful about your true overall budget — things add up quickly so the more I have to work with the more precisely and creatively I can transform your space into your ultimate place of joy and comfort. There is no need to remortgage your home on a project like this but it is indeed worth investing in as this is an opportunity to create an exceptional space for you and your family to share and enjoy.

With the All-Inclusive Service your home will be transformed into a space that is not only functional and stylish but a place of joy that you will surely be proud to share with your friends and neighbours for days (and days) to come.

Fill out the questionnaire below and you'll be well on your way to a stylish and joy-filled home.