Edit & Style Guide Overview

Each guide is unique and specifically tailored to your needs and goals as my client. I spend hours and hours pouring over your answers to your questionnaire, my notes from our consultation, your Pinterest board/inspiration photos, your 'before' photos, current trends, new style ideas, local stores, online shops, and every other place you could think of to find the perfect pieces and styles for you and your space that match your overall budget. Not only do I want this experience to lift and excite you, I want this very special guide to be something you can come back to time and again. 

See below for sample pages of an Edit & Style Guide


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Cover and Intro

The Edit & Style Guide is laid out like a magazine, meant to be read in a two-page view. Each guide is designed and tailored specifically for you: addresses you personally, is filled to the brim with custom comments, ideas, options, suggestions and inspiration photos. It is meant to be used as a guide (yes!) but also a reference book designed especially for you.


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Depending on your goals and needs, your Edit & Style Guide will be just a few pages or upwards of 20 or more. As mentioned above, laid out as a magazine, the left side gives you Key Points and five [5] specific comments that relate directly to the five [5] images on the right side. On the bottom right of the first [left] page is an image that I use to push your boundaries a bit, encourage you to take a bolder styling step. Why? Because it's all too easy to do the same thing, in life and at home, but I'm here to say 'Why not?'

*please note all images used are found on Pinterest and are collected on a Pin board created for you and this project*


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Final Thoughts

On the left, a few images of rooms that serve as inspiration throughout your Edit & Style Guide and that capture the look you are trying to achieve. On the right, a personalized letter from me to you that includes a direct link to your Pinterest Board.


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Colour Palettes & Shopping Guide

Here I will include Colour Story options and further information, ideas and suggestions on achieving your project goals as they relate to purchasing pieces and accessories. Your Custom Shopping Guide will be well researched and offer a range of price points, depending on your budget. Each item will include an image, product description, price, where to buy and a direct link to shop. 

If you are interested in vintage and thrifted items, that can definitely be arranged (my favourite!) and can be incorporated into this guide.


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Styling Suggestions & Checklist

Pulling from the options I offer in your Shopping Guide, I will create a full 'look' for you with Styling Suggestions and details on each styling decision and why I chose each piece.

A checklist for you to use based on your project goals. It's a simple way to stay organized and to ensure nothing gets missed along the way.